Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Easton Ellises - Dance it, Dance All (2013)


/Alternative dance, Electronic pop, Remixes, Conceptual, Electronic pop, Robot pop/

Comment: The Easton Ellises is a dance rock combo from Montrèal, Quebec, Canada whose track Dance It, Dance All is the subject for remixing at this time. More concretely, there is up the original song and 7 remixes of it. Mostly these remixes are shot through with more or less thudding bass propulsions, acidic rhythm cut-ups, abridged sequences, shimmering synth guitar rubs, flickering autotuned vocal mutations, however, all of them used to exude joyous energy and viable undulation. Yet, there is one, outstanding remix having different point of view - Motel Costel`s mix is made up of diaphanous, Latin guitar strumming, effortless vocal lines and slight funky rhythms.          

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