Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mamut - Mamut EP (2012)


/Psych-rock, Alternative rock, Acid rock, Post-punk, Surf rock, Avant-blues, Psychedelia/ 

Comment: arrghhh, this set is a tremendous punch comprised of the overdrives of brisk surf guitars, post-punk esque intense pummeling, muddy blues overthrows, and slight shades of math rock frames brought forth somewhere in between or backwards the abovementioned elements. More detailly, some vocal appearances surfaced now and then are buried under wheezing keyboard progressions, angular reverb-heavy guitar tweaking. Inspite of those hirsute elements the issue sounds almost like a representative of "odd chill out" music. By kindred souls Indeed, by going down to the clichè - the Barcelona, Catalan quartet rocks your holey sock off. By an ineluctable side to be described for, there can be drawn parallels upon such influences as The John Spencer Blues Explosion, Sonic Youth, Man...Or Astroman. The release is publicized on a Catalonia-based records, Bestiar whose roster of artists and catalogue is really worth to be divided into. The Catalans have always had much to say regarding poignant outlets in art and culture.           
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