Saturday, April 27, 2013

Item Caligo ‎– Go away, I Want To Sleep (2012)


/Dark ambient, Modern classical, Ambient, Experimentalism, Minimal, Soundscapes/  

Comment: there can be said only good words about this set of 6 tracks which is an amalgamation of acoustic and synthetic sounds. More concretely, the issue pushes to the limit the technique of sole, echo-centric chords and a little gloomy spaces creepily pulsating around it. The release sounds a little bit fragmented sometimes embellished with the bouts of insistent, bass-driven drones, and vocal interferences. Despite the prevalence of these form elements there are up suggestive melody motives and harmonic dizziness. This can be considered an interplay between slowed down modern classical and considerable murky, even glowering dark ambient immersions.         
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