Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hisko Detria - Static Raw Power Kraut (2013)


/Krautrock, Psychedelic rock, Avant-rock, Motorik, Experimental rock, Stoner rock/

Comment: Hisko Detria is a cutting edge collective from Finland whose album is composed of 4 long-running compositions straddling between the borders of krautrock and stoner rock. Indeed, there are up a shitload of moments reminding of motorik grooves of Neu!, jam-heavy madness of CAN (especially those long, elliptical guitar gears resembling Michael Karoli), and enthralling, sleek synth-blessed branches by Faust. On the other side, the aforementioned parts are counterbalanced with hirsute stoner rock craze which in turn seem to hark back to sooty black blues rock tradition. Of course, there can be drawn parallels upon the Finnish compatriots like Kospel Zeithorn, and Ester Poland either. Take your bicycle and go to gaze the stripes on the asphalt road.     
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