Monday, March 18, 2013

C.Scott - IIII (2012)


/Trip-hop, Cinematic, Breaks, Psychedelic electronica, Sampledelic, Alternative, Hip-hop, Downtempo/ 

Comment: this 17-track issue is the follow-up to C.Scott, Pittsburgh-based producer`s wondrous album Stage Theory (Beats Vol. 3), being one of the top notches in 2012. In any cases, the plan is same - crispy rhythms are mixed up with moody samples and shimmering melodies of airy synths. At times these tracks do have brooding, even a little bit haunting texture. Inspite of the huge amount of compositions the quality of the whole does not deviate at any sites. On the contrary, C. Scott cementes his reputation of being one of the most fascinating producers worldwide.     
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