Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jared Fairfield/Afraid - EMF (2012)


/Acid pop, New Age, Singer-songwriter, Psychedelic electronica, Electronic pop, Alternative, Alternative dance/

Comment: this batch of 11 tracks is a peculiar whole with very strong regard to predominating warped, electro-injected vocal yearning, New Age-induced sanctity, and synthesized dance bubbles. More concretely, if to listen to these elements separately there might be results quite conventional but altogether all these details used to result in heavy acidic queerness. Yet, there are represented more fluent outputs either - for instance, Tearing the Tongue (Afraid) is a cute, suggestive pop ditty. In a nutshell, Jared Fairfield can be considered a chemical singer-songwriter upon issuing this reminding a little bit of Tinyfolk`s Sic Semper Equis. Might it be the album do feature robots in charge of vocal delivery? However, this time he obviously makes music having robots in mind. But do not afraid of it.
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