Monday, March 19, 2012

Raindeer - Moonstruck EP (2011)

/Poptronica, Experimental indie, Disco pop, DIY, Electronic pop, Synth wave, Electro pop, Glo-fi/

Comment: firstly, the coverprint is fabulous, incorporating nowadays and vintage tendencies, glamour and old-fashioned signs. Indeed, similarly to the sleeve this 6-piece issue showcases its borderless playfulness - all those highly effusive, at times retrodelic synth riffs and bubbling synth vibes are embellished with fragile yet somehow whimsical vocal lines and gliding, light-hearted electronica. On the other side, Apocalyptic Love runs on massive disco pop propulsions and stroboscope rays. In a word, this Baltimore-based musical collective provides an impressive glam-fi vision. In any cases, I used to believe in that. It is sexy, it is charming, it is compelling.
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