Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TRaiN SP Collective - kidnaping the noise (2012)

/Shoegaze, Avant-rock, Alternative, Electro-acoustic, Experimental rock, Electro-rock, Indie dance, Space rock, Improvised music/

: TSPC is a collective from Greece who offer up a relaxing and sometimes intriguing set of eight (mainly long-running) progressions. In detail, the album consists of a blend of shoegaze-ish jamming and spacey rock vibes which are obviously recorded as the unplugged ones. Indeed, it is tightly surrounded by electro-acoustic sort of vapour at times variegated with jew`s harp and harmonica-induced chords (reminding a little bit of Aboombong, and Vlor, the US-based quirky musical collectives). However, without you, you and you makes more sense due to electronics-drenched vibrations and chopped-up sonic effects around and below it. The same can be said about the last episode which shares lofty shoegaze-ish progressions with acute breakbeat/jungle sequences. Subsequently can be said that it is a case of how shoegaze and space rock can be converted into an instance of as if it were performed by jazz musicians-improvisers who accidentally like to listening to noiseful guitar music.
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