Monday, February 13, 2012

Balogh - Rhythms of Life (2012)

/Post-rock, Instrumental music, Modern classical, Improvised music, Crossover, Organic electronica, Avant-garde, Experimentalism/

: there are up 10 pieces involving two main templates made up of the chords of double bass and improvised sequences of piano which at times are variegated with vibraphones and a sensible amount of electronica (indeed, resembling of such post-rock-related groups as Tortoise, The Dylan Group, Mice Parade). Mostly Jared C. Balogh (an US-based producer and header of the Altered State Reflections Records) is intended to find out the balance between joyous progressions and more murkily composed appearances, or drifting between repetition-heavy patterns and incessantly variable array of chords, or the listener can detect the ideological fight between notated chords and more improvised endeavours. The result is highly enjoyable by any means. And do not forget - it is not a sort of muzak. Give your approach to it.
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