Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Vévé Seashore - A Cup of Coffee for Your Fears (2011)

/Forest folk, Avant-garde, New Weird Finland, Experimental folk, Leftfield, Indie folk, Folk indie, Psychedelic folk, Post-psychedelic electronica/

Comment: it is quite problematic to categorize this 6-track EP because it gives you no break and says that you should go to hell because you behave like a typical jerk of the bourgeoisie. However, frantic shifts between even more frantic endeavours of psych-folk, electronic experimentalism, knee-deep psychedelia, weirdly resonating ambient and elusive indie, all of that is channelized into a whole to function as one of the most enthralling issues in 2011. It veers from one extremity to another, yet, retaining their face without getting decreased or mutilated. Actually it is not surprising a jot, because the duo (previously trio) allegedly comes out from Finland, the country of the most radical and innovative folk (so-called forest folk) in Europe. You can draw parallels upon Silver Apples, Kospel Zeithorn, Kemialliset Ystävät, Speculativism, Paavoharju, Richard There. Thank you, Elroy Oversex, and Lord Fuck. This is our cup of coffee.
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