Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fake Plastic Heads - keeping an eye on the ones who deserve it (2011)

/Avant-industrial, Experimentalism, Avant-garde, Power electronica, Psych-acoustics, Spoken word, Noise, Non-music, Avant-electronica/

Comment: 37-years-old Charles S. Kozmanovic aka the c aka lee01 can be considered a singer-songwriter, yet he is a very peculiar kind of singer-songwriter from Germany. Those 15 notches which are dominantly wraith-embraced ones showing up the darkest corners of the consciousness of a human being. All is wrapped up in a high-resoluting yet "soothing" forge of noise and industrial sound, it is like Freddy Krueger who used to told his "subtle" lullabies to the rest of the world. By a more historical side, falling into an array of the predecessors, it can be compared to Coil and the madness of Einstürzende Neubauten drifting between the destructivism and constructivism. Yet, keeping an eye on the ones who deserve it is an original one demonstrating a potent merge of spoken word and sonic palette - it is the kind of grower. For all the noise music lovers, power electronica and avant-industrial adorers, however, this issue is an obligatory one. And search for the man`s previous albums drone_iv, and ldf1st (at Jamendo) either.
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