Saturday, April 4, 2015

the tinopener's art & Julien Auroux: Voyage Et Genie (2012)

/Electronic pop, Alternative dance, Electro house, Space disco, Remix/

Comment: whooaahh, it is a beatific pop album made up of electronic sounds which in turn are built upon delicate rhythms, sensual vocal flickers, alien-alike vocal delivery, and seductive melody progressions. In fact, it is very shameful that this 8-track collaborative release has not reached a mainstream status yet – actually all the best elements available in music are scraped on it – getting inspieration from the 70`s space disco/and dance appealed electro rock (a la Space, and Ganymed), 90`s French electronic club and electronic pop culture ( a la St Germain, Daft Punk, Air). The album involves a remix by United Kingdom based artist N.S.J.             
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