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Pollux - Life.Sound.Alteration.None (2011)

/Dark ambient, Epic, Ambient, Experimental electronica, Minimal, Soundscapes, Ambient noise, Ambient drone, Microtonal/

: Arnaud Barbe is a 23-year-old musician from France who runs the Sirona-Records either. Despite his young age he has been very prolific so far. However, there is represented a set of 17 tracks which comprises epic, monumental washes of (dark) ambient and symphony-blended progressions. Indeed, it is very beautiful in its uplifting power. There can be detected some solemn approaches due to heavy use of the vibes and drones of a cathedral organ. These are very broad, world-wide appearances of sound. Furthermore, the album can be seen as a counterpoint to M83`s aesthetics in the field of ambient and Kosmische Musik. Let`s call it a holistic representative of sphere music. In addition to M83`s sound Barbe`s oeuvre can be compared to the likes of Loscil, Pan American, Daniel Maze, slept. It is impressive by any means.