Friday, January 29, 2016

Kadasarva – Steamagination (2011)

  • Psytrance
  • Rave music
  • Alternative dance
  • Dance music
  • Electronica

Comment: thanks to this 9-track issue I discovered there had been existed an imprint called Sun Station for some years which was an umbrella for trance-related music. Today we know Ektoplazm has an analogue purpose to put into practice. More profoundly, Kadasarva`s Steamagination is a skewed instance of trance music where frequently quite obtuse rave-up rhythmic vibes are variegated with electro noises, and some sonic effects to broaden the soundscape and search for new combinations in sound and stylistic aspect. Let`s be honest to say trance music as a genre is relatively bumptious and simplistic because the genre`s aesthetical nature is anchored to higher levels of rhythmic burning only and at times the artists operating within it go beyond good taste, however, psychedelic tendencies within it help to alleviate and balance it (In the mid-90s there was a thread of mainstream and club acts which were tagged as “German trance” by underground people). For instance, listen to North Pole, a track with a more breezy insight into the style and album. Indeed, the album embraces a bunch of chord and pace changes to be a solid shape-shifter inside the borders. By the way, one track called The Krypt was originally created by another Ukraine-based project called Submatukana but there is Kadasarva`s remake. On the other side, regarding the cover print of the current issue and the ones under Ektoplazm it could be said this and those are fascinating ones either. On the whole, the result is masterfully produced and channelized because the thin line of “bad music” has been avoided throughout the course.
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