Thursday, December 10, 2015

This Lonely Crowd – Meraki (2015)

  • Post-metal
  • Alternative rock
  • Shoegaze
  • Post-rock
  • Epic
  • Speed metal
  • Doom rock
  • Trash metal
  • Power pop

Comment: The Curitiba, Brazil residing combo This Lonely Crowd is back with their brand new one Meraki. If to compare it to their previous albums the quintet continues to develop more metal oriented compositions rather than continuing with shoegaze-tinged ones which were being characteristic to their first albums (And Endless Moment Everyday All the Time, Ephemeris). Of course, those elements are represented over there though the impulses to be propelled further come from doom rock, speed metal and trash metal corners. At times one could perceive destructive blackened energy over the place ready to demolish the structure (Sophrosyne). Indeed, heaven meets hell and light meets darkness. In a word, the collective exploits craftily their previous proficiency to create epic clouds and glistening soundscapes to support and arouse the listener`s fantasies. It is truly interesting to wait This Lonely Crowd`s next issue because having no hint at their next direction. One could already perceive the fulfilled content within the concept of the collective. There is obviously no space for old tricks anymore. Maybe I am wrong, though. At this time it works out fairly effectively because of having reached maximal quality from their aesthetical extent.

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