Thursday, July 30, 2015

TFSL - Tales From The Sleeping Land (2014)

/Post-rock, Stoner rock, Space rock, Krautrock, Musique concrète, Psych-rock, Drone rock, Avant-rock, Doom rock, Experimental rock, Improvised music/

Comment: this alignment of heavy punching guitar spawned sounds used to create different emotions and sensations in my head. It is more joyous than most of the combos brought forth from the section of doom rock/spaced-out rock. Relatively I did mean. It might be TFSL`s 7-track issue is a less obsessive and more gliding one dedicated not only to survey the listener`s fucked-up state of mind but also providing a placebo to rise up your mind and soul. Let`s call it “the doom or stoner fusion” if you wish. However, the soundscape is powerful and overwhelming by giving only few moments for breathing and extending your muscles throughout a time span of approximately one hour. It is saturated with spacey guitar overdrives and mighty gong sounds to the extreme extent which used to move across the spectrum and penetrate all the layers being discernible on the scale. By now and then additionally to some more tranquil compositions the sonic brew is accentuated with some concrete sounds and signs reflecting upon the de-escalation at some extent. However, all these sounds are seamlessly related to each other or growing out of one another. All of that creates an immensely pleasurable context for your ears generating and unleashing new connections and associations. I am very glad that for a while after the elimination of the Iron Curtain there appeared solid experimental rock scenes in the Eastern Bloc countries. The recent project comes out of Bulgaria. The issue is a part of the discography of Mahorka imprint.
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