Thursday, May 14, 2015

Soil Creep – Small Death (2012)

/Indie, Electronic, Alternative pop, Shoegazetronica, Bedroom pop, DIY, Lo-fi, Psychedelic pop/

Comment: I like this issue of 9 tracks at a length of 32 minute. It can be said Aidan Wall is a mastermind to create short-running yet concise compositions with electronic keyboards and low-end rhythm machines which are to constitute persuasive backdrops to his volatile and dreamy vocal delivery. More generally, partly Aidan Wall comes out of the tradition of the so-called psychedelic electronic indie music which was mostly created by the Animal Collective and it members` side projects. Those elliptically circulating chords and sonorous odds and ends around it as satellites are the proof of it. On the other side it is distinctly influenced by all-powerful DIY attitude which inspired, still inspires and will inspire many youth artists in the future (for instance, cassette-based underground culture movement in the 80s, Not Not Fun and Rack & Ruin Records´ related artists nowadays). Thirdly, My Bloody Valentine is probably the most influential Irish combo and because of it you can also hear the juggernaut`s impulses in Wall`s music. Theoretically it might seem in the way described above yet many melody and harmony lines are up there to create the backbone to the album. The issue is a part of the discography of Dublin-based Long Lost Records. Fabulous release for sure. 
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