Monday, October 6, 2014

guitarsisyo – Life Is Dictionary (2014)

/Folktronica, Indietronica, Crossover, Electro funk, Cowbell indie, Glitch folk, Alternative pop, Poptronica, Electronic pop, Mood music, Synth pop/

Comment: the Japanese project`s musical groundwork is based on acoustic guitar-based chord progressions and grainy electronic rhythms mixed results therefore creating a sense of refreshing aura and picturesque slides moving in front of your eyes. At times the general grid is acoustic though predominantly it used to provide an electronic shift and have a synthetic pitch (i.e containing more synth-based hooks and gears – for instance, at kh_y guitars are totally jettisoned in favour of electronics/keyboards thereby resulting in a crafty funk and synth pop merged exemplar). Furthermore, it is not an ordinary folktronic album with regard to another uncanny inclination toward fusion/jazz rock grooves here and there. Another unusual example is a track, kl_gp_, revealing the project`s buried love for house music and electro funk. In a nutshell, it is a fabulous outlet in any cases.                
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