Friday, September 19, 2014

Jon Hans - Natives in a Foreign Land (2011)

  • Indie folk
  • Alt-folk
  • Americana
  • Folk indie
  • Singer-songwriter

Comment: Jon Hans is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California, USA whose 4-track issue was produced in Nashville, Tennessee, United States, the main centre of folk music worldwide. It is an exuberant and up-to-date folk issue where bold string, drumming and singing layers are accentuated with anthemic synthesised whiffs, jew harp chords and interesting stereo effects. In a nutshell, it is simultaneously traditions following and opened for new approaches and touches. And all is balanced very well. There is also represented a ballad, Your Great To Me. Everyone who likes contemporary alt-folk/Americana it is thought for you. Superb release.               
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