Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mixtape 22.09.2012

Comment: as usual the course of the particular compilation reflects upon a huge array of styles and genres and moods extending from poignant electronic and rhythm explorations to string-based ambient and otherworldly freak folk appearances to straightforward post-punk and provoking No Wave "punk" propulsions. The album will be launch with a Tropicalia-influenced alternative pop, and East Of Borneo lifts up its hand burned with kraut and improvisation-tinged acids.     
  • Julio y Agosto - Jorge Luis Enriquez (self-released)

  • Fontomi - No Lows feat. Erika Casier (self-released, Greased Up)

  • Motorama - Warm Eyelids (self-released)

  • Argo Vals - Hallitussilmad (self-released)

  • ?alos - ricordi indelebili (pan y rosas)

  • East of Borneo - Crossette (Free Music Archive)

  • Syllestruck- 15 Induzry (404 miles) (Greased Up)

  • DRGS - Sphere Travel Matters Not (Hippocamp)

  • Due Samoani - Charles Barkley (Paragrafo)

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