Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Liquid Metal Fast Breeder - Scribs (2011)


/Noise rock, Space rock, No Wave, Crust punk, Electronic, Psychedelic, Avant-rock, Psych-rock, Krautrock, Experimental rock/

: just a pair of tracks are represented here by Shane Zweygardt who is a representative of the Fort Collins, Colorado-based underground/cassette scene. The expression "liquid metal" seems to sound a little bit contradictory, yet, on the other side, his music outpaces all these theoretical and speculative gaps. More profoundly, the first track showcases the ultimate noodling on synths and frantic drumming immediately behind it drawing enthralling parallels upon Lightning Bolt, and CAN`s Tago Mago. In the second track all those labile structures prima facie will be replaced with the layers of thick cosmic electronica. Only good words can I have to hint at that.
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