Friday, March 17, 2017

Oh Well, Goodbye – Aquiescence (2016)

  • Post-punk
  • Shoegaze 
  • Alternative rock 
  • Indie rock 
  • Dream pop

Comment: there are up some sounds within the indie music scene that will never go out. One of such sounds is a shimmery, reverberating slightly darkened guitar sound which was introduced by such bands as The Chameleons, Joy Division, Durutti Column, Cocteau Twins which later strongly influenced bands within the shoegaze scene. Oh Well, Goodbye shows us the limits of this sort of music are still up there to get expanded further. Those soothing guitar landscapes are accompanied by sublime synthesised progressions and mellow drumming. A sonic heaven is surrounded by another heaven etc. And so it goes on and on. And finally it will be out to start again and again. Even if the limits would be reached it is about reaching something universal and true. It makes me somehow laugh by thinking of it as a decelerated version of jangle pop. It is about credibility and being trustworthy (about something having always had positive impact). In fact, the rumours about the death of guitar-based indie music are strongly exaggerated. By contemporary kindred souls I recommend listen to Russian combo Motorama. This great set of 6 compositions is a joint release by such imprints as Bleeding Gold, and Hail Hail. Certainly one of the most outstanding moments in 2016.
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