Thursday, August 11, 2016

Choke – Eponymous EP (2009)

  • Art pop 
  • Post-grunge 
  • Alternative pop/rock 
  • Hardcore 
  • Indie pop/rock 
  • Experimental pop

Comment: Pen & Mallet involves an universe of bands and behind the musical groups is an universe of styles and genres of less and more experimental sort. With all those bands is involved a man called J. C Thorne. It is quite startling to read that J. C Thorne thinks of Choke as the most experimental band he is being involved in despite it is a relatively poppy group in comparison to others (for instance, I recommend listen to aboombong, Psychic Enemies, Dustdevil & Crow etc). The musician’s explanation is based on the approach of creating music to the band where music for the guitar-based soundscape is written by him who in fact cannot play the instrument at all (J. C Thorn is the drummer in the project). Furthermore, the other musicians have changed their roles with one another either. More concretely, I think of Alexander Orchid to be the most blatantly poppy issue on it due to those bombastic guitar riffs and David Liso`s flamboyant singing that fills the air unarguably. In fact, it is managed to the extent of chiming as an example of kitsch pop. Indeed, it is also an experimental approach. Another aspect related to the pop music scene is singing about romantic relationships and (ex)girlfriends in a doleful and even accusing manner. On the other side, the musicians like to demonstrate their teeth frequently to counterpoint mellow and softened approach. A nice example is Barcelona where the exuberant guitar line progresses into cacophonous noise. The favourite of mine is the final track Sheltering, an instance of light-hearted art pop. Browse is something of a very wicked one because in the beginning using an obscure, highly buried exploitation-alike storytelling being pointed against homosexuality and flabby behaviour (or at least something similar like that), which in the final part will be jettisoned in favour of a pummelling hardcore and technical metal blended torrent. In a nutshell, it is a mind-provoking issue.  
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