Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Shinobu – 10 Thermidor (2015)

  • Power pop
  • Alternative pop/rock
  • College rock
  • Indie pop/rock
  • Art rock

Comment: The Californian, US-based Shinobu is a meritorious quintet whose 11-track issue used to mostly drift between college rock and power pop elements which frequently are superimposed or blended into each other. More profoundly, it does mean their song structures are built up quite straightforwardly and the combo`s lyrics is about anxiety, haunting past, and warped reality. The favourite tracks of mine are those where the band decided to abandon usual verse-chorus form and develop into extraordinary ways. For instance, at Hell Screens the track starts off with hirsute, thrusting guitars being quite similar to an angular, math rock exploration. And it is very sympathetic to listen to the somehow elliptical and swaying chorus at the rear part of the song. Jokes is a great punk song with appropriate, nihilistic energy which always used to make sense. The most favourite of mine is Melbourne Cup which embarks on by reminding of Albarn & Coxon`s (Blur) songwriting but which will finish off being awash with permanent echo and delay effects thereby magnifying the whole effect. In a word, the album as a whole experience is solid and enjoyable.
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