Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pink Priest – beko_31 (2010)

  • Dreamwave
  • Leftfield
  • Avant-garde
  • Drone
  • Ambient
  • Hypnagogic pop
  • Glo-fi
  • Micronoise
  • Chillwave

Comment: recently my mind and soul was psyched by an Estonian indie show, Nestor & Morna at Raadio 2 where Siim Nestor played a song by The Dreams, the French duo who has appeared for many times in the discography of an imprint called Beko DSL. Indeed, I got reason to go back in time while I had listened to the label`s music for much more than I used to do recently. In any cases, one should do it again and again. There were up many groups and one-man projects in the label`s list who gained in popularity later. For instance, Death And Vanilla, Memoryhouse, Cankun, Dirty Beaches, Raw Thrills. On the other side, at the end of the 00s and in the beginning of the 10s there were up many styles which become to appear to influence indie scenes worldwide and even mainstream music worldwide. More profoundly, I do consider such styles as chillwave/hypnagogic pop and witch house/drag house in the first place. Indeed, myspace as a music platform to rev up the artists to gain fame has eventually resulted successfully for The Arctic Monkeys only. A new generation of artists then believed more in music blogs, small record labels (Woodsist, Not Not Fun, Patient Sounds, CLLCT, Beko DSL, Rack And Ruin) and music distribution by their own. The Bandcamp would appear soon. The US-musician Cody Watson aka Pink Priest is one of such sort of artists whose music used to drift between and across the aforementioned styles. The first platform of him is certainly the sort of music recorded in home and probably in his bedroom, and on the other side his outright dreamed-out and slowed down music used to refer toward escaped moods where dreams are built up to be bigger than life. In fact, it is to be much bigger than your fucking, ordinary life. It is quite puzzling to imagine where would be the home place of his music, where would it be to settle down. Obviously it is not a cosy place because those warped vocals, gentle waves of droning and slightly solemn yet somehow ill-omened sonic threads give no support for any pop-oriented point. You are left alone altogether and while listening to it for more and more you are not going to long for it. Instead of it, Sleepyhead, and Get Haunted will grow faster on you than you would have expected it. It is for the fans of Sun Araw, Lee Noble, Ducktails, M Geddes Gengras. Of course, get other issues of Cody watson via Bandcamp for yourself. 
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