Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Der Zirkus brennt – A Heap of Broken Images (2015)

  • Post-rock
  • Post-classical
  • Chamber music
  • Mood music
  • Modern classical
  • Piano music
  • Ambient
  • Crossover
  • Art music

Comment: these nine images are about piano based music where the mostly restrained chords used to simmer from track to track with some tectonic dodges into guitar induced noises. Much such sort of will be happened at Spy From The Void, Star Smugglers, and Wilhelmina where unknown ghosts will enter into the nature of the tracks in a knock-down way. On the other side, Days Before Winter for instance embraces very exactly the mood due to the title. It is fairly picturesque due to lonely chords and emphasized space between them. There are up exquisite cool jazz vibes meeting an austere chamber ambiance. It could be said the trio of Dario Mambro, Marco Di Vita, and Federico Bernacchi tries to relentlessly search for the balance by interlacing moody music with artsy advancements. In a word, one will get calmed down and then get excited and thereby living up to the listener`s expectations. At times the trio`s sound chimes like a subtle breeze coming from nowhere to accumulate and gain in artistic and aesthetical terms. That`s a fulfilling formula for creating music for sure. By kindred souls the issue could be compared with such artists as Max Richter, Bosques De Mi Mente, Hauschka, Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds, Lubomyr Melnyk.
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