Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Eskimeaux - I Am a Spiral (2010)

/Dream folk, Singer-songwriter, Epic. Experimental folk, Indie folk, Folktronica, New Weird America, Free folk, Alt-folk, Folk indie/

Comment: Eskimeaux is the project of New Yorker Gabrielle Smith whose 7-track issue chimes like a fairy tale. It has been produced in a silent and dreamy way though offering up many poignant moments within the consistent production. Indeed, I had to crank up the volume in a marked way. The listener can enjoy Smith`s daydreaming of more or less extended chords with addition of glitched-out noises which could reach something of a vertigo, and glockenspiel induced blissfulness broadening the borders of the listener`s psyche. Indeed, throughout this course the term “beauty” can be understood as an organic relation between contrasty or even striking elements. Since the appearance of noise music there has been an impellent force between noise and silence, between something and nothing (paradoxically, the nothing which seems to be existing nonetheless). However, School Lane chimes in a downrightly epic way. Ultimately it can be concluded it is fabulous in its restrainedness yet being rich in implication. Good things come in small packages.
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