Saturday, September 26, 2015

Blind Man Walking - 36 Howden Road (2014)

/Improvised music, Ambient, Glitch, Freeformfreakout, Cool jazz, Kosmische Musik, Art music, Free jazz, Avant-garde, Experimentalism/

Comment: it might sound like muzak at times though it is not it by the artist`s intention though. Indeed, there are represented some smooth jazz progressions, however, those whiffs are generally put in such a pop music estranged context giving no possibility to understand it as an example of pop music. More concretely, there are up tightly foggy, glitched-out noises like a black hole sucking in the most sonic artefacts surrounding it. Concrete Lamppost Sure Tastes Good is another, more pop-oriented and Kosmische Music mixed composition with dreamy vibe and drowsy meandering. Made A Fag From Cabbage Leaves And A Newspaper sounds like a ghoul telling a story outside while being accompanied by an early, more post-punk-ish sound of Cocteau Twins chiming somewhere at a remote distance. It is a weird collage indeed. The Green River Joins Two Identical Worlds is an inventive turn through a cool jazz /post-bebop pad. However, the whole might be a sort of muzak though it is an uncanny sort of muzak in this case. Thereby it can be said it is provocative and challenging for those who do not like music while listening to AOR as a sonic tapestry because of feeling her/himself not being alone. In a word, let`s trying to hover with it.
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