Monday, July 20, 2015

The Death Sound - TDS: Year One (2008)

/Avant-garde, Noise, Experimentalism, Live recording, Spoken word, Psycho-acoustic, Electronic, Industrial, Leftfield/

Comment: I don`t know does deserve the project of Matt and Alex its name or not but music outstretched at a course of 77 minutes is fairly startling because pushing forward an avant-garde concept. However, the issue embraces some live recordings which are obviously less important and more confusing and quite tedious parts on it (for instance, The Birthday Party coming out of a length of 33 minutes). Otherwise, there are up plenty of incisive and thought-provoking electronic progressions being obviously influenced by the tradition of old school industrial music (Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, Big City Orchestra, Clock DVA). It includes off-kilter spoken recitations, ominously throbbing dance rhythms or more insolent and louder clanging, reverb-heavy steely rains, wobbling electronic wisps, squelchy synth progressions being interwoven with some spoken samples from having-no-idea-wherefrom. Those different rhythmic formations used to reflect upon different mental and spiritual states. At times the artist`s appearance can be highly immersive (for instance, Psychic Wave - Crest 2) or weirdly light-hearted while rejecting law of gravitation (For instance, The Zac Cunningham Throwing Up in His Bedsheets Memorial Benediction), a times presenting the lunatic´s lullaby songs (No Waking). The project reaches its goal by providing oppressive milieu to be coated over the listener`s mind. In a word, you must hear it. It rewards close listening for sure.
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