Saturday, May 2, 2015

Monade - Variety Playhouse 2005-05-25 (2005)

/Indie pop, Alternative pop, Psychedelic pop, Drone pop, Dream pop. Live session/

Comment: Monade is a musical project from Bordeaux, France whose spiritual leader is Laetitia Sadier who is widely known as the singer, guitarist, keyboard player from Stereolab. Furthermore, it could be without to draw parallels with her more known combo. This live gig features 12 tracks at a length of 64 minutes. It involves a soup of guitar and psychedelic keyboard blended sounds getting inspiration from the rhythm patterns of artsy German rockers like Neu!, and Faust and other side being influenced by tropicalia pop, bossa nova, and lounge pop. If to compare it to Stereolab it involves less crossover and electronic experiments rather being channelized into a mellow indie/renaissance pop structure. On the other side, it reminds of an early Stereolab which provided more clear-cut ditty shapes of indie/drone pop/shoegaze. In a word, it is a fine listening hour.        
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