Wednesday, April 22, 2015

nonlips - A Collection Of Songs Recorded By The Flaming Lips (2011)

/Covers, Lo-fi, DIY, Alternative pop, Indie pop, Psychedelic pop, Space pop/

Comment: Wayne Coyne curated combo is a lucky one because of producing music what they wish themselves to create while the albums are bought by thousands of people. The more time goes on the more frantic their aesthetic approach seems to develop – they are an apparent avant-garde combo within the major stream of pop music. There are up 17 covers with Lips` songs reflecting upon Lips` psychedelic and space pop explorations and mellow electronically tinged soft pop tendencies being so actual in recent production. Furthermore, these artist represented on the miscellany add lo-fi and DIY coloration to the pot. Let`s listen to it – it`s thought-provoking and chill. It is a compilation where music is made by members of The Flaming Lips Message Bored communities (2002-present).         
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