Saturday, April 18, 2015

Jonas Lundqvist - Du, Drömmar & Jag (2011)

/Dance rock, Indie dance, Punk funk, New Wave, Alternative pop, Indie, Post-punk/

Comment: Jonas Lundqvist`s ditty Du, Drömmar & Jag emerges warm feelings within me while drawing on bouncy and elastic rhythm structure, some suggestive transformative seconds and high-pitched vocal delivery. Eventually the result seems to be fairly magical because of showcasing organic and robotic knacks at the same time. By listening to it through a span of 285 seconds the single puts in the mind of such dance-appealed post-punk/punk funk dinosaurs as The Pop Group, and Gang of Four, and New Order. However, Lundqvist does have its own idiosyncratic twist on it (for instance, by singing in Swedish it chimes in a quite exotic way). The single came out of the album Så e de me de.         
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