Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Summer Of Haze - Ω†Р∆ЖΣНИΣ З∆К∆†∆ 8 ΩКН∆Х СƱПΣРМ∆РКΣ†∆

/Electronic pop, Sound collage, Vaporwave, Indie, Ambient pop, Sampledelic, Alternative/

Comment: these 8 tracks are quite easy to digest because of consisting of facile synth progressions, pastel-hued string chords (a la Ducktails or Real Estate) and slight (ambient) pop formats with some hints at field recording/sample based/sound collage music. However, on the other side, it includes a little bit more ominous elements (slowed-down bass lines and vocal layers), though in a lesser extent than the above mentioned elements. Furthermore, the tracks are quite short-running ones (approximately 2 minutes in length) conjuring the feeling of fragmented music. In a word, Summer Of Haze`s album is a decent part of the vaporwave scene.         
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