Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Jonas Kocher-Gaudenz Badrutt – Cinema Rex (2014)

/Improvised music, Microtonal, Live session, Experimental, Improvised noise, Avant-garde. Glitchtronica, Electro-acoustic, Drone noise/

Comment: there is presented just one long-running 26 minute track. Indeed, it consists of incisive accordion dodges and ominous drones by Jonas Kocher and live electronic hovers and rough glitches and sharp attacks of noises. Theoretically, it does not sound simply like cinema rex its sounds rather like cinema tyrannosaurus rex – because this composition is filled with fear and horror ready to attack the listener. The silence represented on it seems to be balefully towering – at times it evolves very slowly to be ready to burst out sometime and move to the next more noisy level. All in all, it is a fabulous live session issued on an experimental record label, Insub. (formerly known as Insubordinations).       
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