Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ada Rave Cuarteto – La Continuidad (2011)

/Jazz, Improvised music, Bebop, Downbeat, Free jazz, Experimentalism/

Comment: the Argentinian Ada Rave Cuarteto`s 10-track issue does have predisposition to drift between mild downbeat chord progressions and smoothly produced bebop numbers and on the other side toward more tumultuous, thudding free jazz torrents. Having shift between silence and noise. The tumultuous element can be divided into two parts – it can be depicted as a dynamic enterprise of manipulating with only acoustic instruments in a frenzied way or having more static and quiet, even an obsessive viewpoint upon it. Although following their own impulses and aesthetic convictions the quartet`s playing technique is obviously a designation toward such cutting edge jazz musicians as Theolonius Monk, Anthony Braxton, Eric Dolphy, John Zorn and Ornette Coleman. All in all, the result is thought-provoking and moody.               

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