Friday, May 10, 2013

Toddi Wellmann - Yeah! (2013)


/Garage rock, Psychobilly, Lo-fi, Post-punk, Crossover, No Wave, Blues, Art punk, Experimental rock, Avant-rock/

Comment: Toddi Wellmann is a musical project from Tours, France whose music is an idiosyncratic blend of lo-fi, blues, rockabilly, garage rock, No Wave, and tempered with blazing psychical waves, however, seguing from one stylistical element to another shape or embracing many ones at the same time. Moreover, all these monochromatic elements seem to be in flux. The artist`s sound radiates anxious, liverish calm throughout the 12-track course, though, involving funhouse mirrors either up there - maybe due to it so nihilistic issue at its core. Of course, it`s figuratively very OK. There can be drawn parallels upon the likes
of Suicide, Captain Beefheart, early CAN, Wavves, The Fall, Royal Trux with regard to some selected aspects in its soundscape. Inspite this pairing and being himself a spiritual progenity to those groups Wellmann`s production is an upgrade by any means therefore taking up the listener.      

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