Thursday, May 23, 2013

Firetail - Learning to Cheat (2013)


/Guitar ambient, Ambient rock, Epic, Post-rock, Experimental rock/

Comment: Firetail is the one man project of Andrea Vascellari, who is being more known with regard to slowcore project Lullabier that has shared the stage with the likes of Rivulets, Low, Jessica Bailiff, and Boduf Songs. With Firetail he abandons a subdued, austere singer-songwriter concept, instead of it proceeding more extended sonic terrains and still life-induced progressions. Indeed, this 2-track issue is an outstanding one due to the organic bond of glacial-alike gloss, epic guitar overdrives and moody hiss washes and slow burning. The listener can feel himself/herself like standing alone on the shore at a remote distance of the civilization. Superb.
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