Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thierry Massard - Permen Karet (2013)


/Experimentalism, Minimalism, Avant-garde, Experimental electronica, Noise, Microtonal, Musique concrète/ 

Comment: the Frenchman Thierry Massard (born in 1959)is a legend within the netmusic/audio circles duet to his musicianship, reviews, and blogs. His first album was issued in 1979 which depicts his enter into primordial, noise-soaked, feedback-ridden universe. However, later on, his music was progressed  more into electronics and microtonal soundscapes. However, this handful of compositions is filled with restrained, hum-alike droning with some yet shaking phase changes barely discernible on its own. Frequently these shapes and patterns are represented along with short circuits and overvoltage bits and refreshing concrete sounds. Of course, there are represented his love against noise music, though, these are brought forth in a more abstract way.      
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