Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cagey House - Rocks And Feathers (2013)


/Avant-garde, Experimental electronica, Improvised music, Electronic pop, Experimentalism, Sampledelic, Psychedelic, Hauntology, Art pop/ 

Comment: Baltimore, Maryland, USA-based avant-garde artist Dave Keifer is back with a pair of brand new ones. Here is one of them, delivering a batch of 7 tracks which consist of ghostly ambiances, undecipherable vowel effects, weird chord progressions immersed in flanged and pitch bent electronic whirlpools. Furthermore, Keifer shows off keenness to subtle cool jazz esque developments which are interlaced with each seamlessly and at ease. By the way, it is not surprising provided that the album was issued on improvised music/experimental rock label pan y rosas. However, if to compare it to the previous albums there can be found many similarities with Lark (2009, Free Range Beats). Great that the legend is back at its best.    
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