Monday, January 2, 2012

M A S & Travis McAlister - The Fade Out Room (2011)


/Hauntology, Sampledelic, Avant-garde, Electro-acoustic, Ambient, Musique concrète, Experimentalism, Cut and paste, Sound collage, Acousmatics, Spoken word/

Comment: haunting samples and somehow blissed-out milieus surrounding...haunting samples and blissed-out milieus. Those old school, the 1920/30`s swinging pieces are intertwined with organic street sounds and weird, creepy electronic and atmospherical progressions now and then. Anyway, this 8-track album is similar to the ones of their label mates Gutta Percha, and the Caretaker (of course) who is the biggest name on this genre. Aa s result it is a hypnotic experience passing through the different eras of (experimental) music searching for elusive redemption and vast synergy. Behind the project are M A S (aka Makram Abu-Shakra), and Travis McAlister, two experienced sound creators, who used to play in various improvisation groups together during the early 90's in Southern California.
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