Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jakim - To Bleep Or Not To Bleep (2011)

/Chiptune, Chipbreak, Chilltronica, Psychedelic electronica, 8-bit, Tracker music, Electronic pop/

Comment: Jakim (20-year-old Mateusz Szymànski from Poland) provides a 15-track set (turns to the end at the length of 29 minutes!) of lush, psychedelic electronica (catchy motifs and upbeat progressions). More profoundly, it is somewhat jazzy (fusion) and funk-tuned, yet, in the first place it is played up with the help of the sawtooth-shaped beats and buzzing noise of 8-bit/tracker music, chiptune. Indeed, it is chill and brain-eating at the same time.
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