Sunday, June 26, 2011

Opa! - Nakurlah (2011)

/Brass pop, Avant-pop, Reggae, Soviet pop, Experimental pop, Kitsch pop, Crossover, Klezmer/

Comment: Although it might be the most pop-appealed notch in the discography of the Clinical Archives so far, however, it is enough experimental to have either a few common points with the chart-based acts or on the other side just shamelessly shuffling it with vanguard-ish influences. For instance, the kick-off track Ring Tone starts out as a indirect hint at an announce of the harmfulness of mobile phones (the direct admission of causing the various types of brain tumours by the WHO approximately 3 weeks ago) which later will acquire the early pop pattern of the krautrock legend Faust with the addition of a loads of lush brass developments. Moreover, it is also classified as klezmer pop mixed up with soviet and kitsch pop. All is correct if to add to it the exploitations of reggae music either. Zenit is a fan song intended for supporting of the famous Sankt Peterburg`s football club Zenit (the best soccer song after the Lightning Seeds` Three Lions). Indeed, as the whole, it is a enormously catchy and glistening pop music. And nostalgic in some sense as well.
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