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Best albums 2022

Ägakäken "Seksiori Indrek" (Bandcamp)

DJ Court Rat "At Inklingroom 18.05.2022" (Trash Can Dance/Bandcamp)

Jacaszek, Romke Kleefstra, Jan Kleefstra "IT DEEL I" (Moving Furniture)

Fields Ohio "This is the Place I Dreamt of You Last" (Bandcamp)

Pan American "Alpalh​ã​o" (Bandcamp)

Humanfobia x Mean Flow "▼👻░░░" (Internet Daemon/Bandcamp)

Humanfobia "PHENOMENA" (Internet Daemon/Bandcamp/Free Music Archive

Misha Panfilov Sound Combo "The Sea Will Outlive Us" (Bandcamp

Lake Machine "Fake Orchestra"(Bandcamp)

Rosario Alfonso "De Canciones tristes y otras Sutilezas" (Uva Robot)

Kozstandsya "Make Or Break" (Bandcamp)

The Hirundu "Rustica Radio" (Pitch And Putt/Bandcamp)

DarkHollow "El Infierno Eterno de Satan" (Skull Dungeon

Xylo-Ziko "Terminus" (Nul Tiel/Free Music Archive)

Mart Avi "Blade" (Porridge Bullet)

Loscil "The Sails P.1" (Bandcamp)

Loscil "The Sails P.2" (Bandcamp)

Dadala "Time To Face The Music" (Self-released

Faust "Daumenbruch" (EROTOTOX DECODINGS

Gypsy "Before We Disappear" (Rodent Tapes)

Dyvour "Neoneo" (Trash Can Dance/Bandcamp

Zed-Point "Lemonade EP" (Bandcamp

Moki Mcfly "Aether" (blocSonic)

The Hirundu "Field Drones Vol. 2 Field Dronier" (Pitch And Putt/Bandcamp)

The Hathaway Family Plot "silent panic in public spaces" (Bandcamp)

Tont "Biomass" (Trash Can Dance/Bandcamp)

Picard Jolibois "Reflux" (Nowaki)

Elvii Marten "Mohelemenc" (Enoughrecords/Cavern Brew)

Mirrorwell "Baltoscandal Mix 09.09.2022" (Trash Can Dance/Bandcamp)

Scanner & Modelbau "Loess" (Moving Furniture)

Print(the)Seas "The Weather Within" (Bandcamp)

10Konekt "Maj.txt" (Bandcamp

CLOUDWARMER  "Forget Me Nots" (Bandcamp)