Saturday, November 3, 2018

Deophobic Necrosis – Persecution (2016)

  • Death metal 
  • Brutal metal 
  • Grindcore 
  • Goregrind 
  • Crust punk

Comment: it is nice to be back again at Torn Flesh. Predominantly does it mean to experience something brutal and aggressive. The human being as a species is violent and for me as a fucking human being it is very suitable to float in a soup of death metal, grindcore, and crust punk (with verbal hints at killing, atrocities and other adverse things). Supposedly aggressiveness is closely related to the development of intelligence so for Western European people there is no chance to get survived while being exposed to the so-called soft values. With regard to it for almost every day we are exposed to bloody news about the collapse of Russia soon but such sort of news are profoundly fake. Do you believe in the collapse of a country who owns a huge territory with a fathomable amount of resources, whose population is high-spirited due to their religion and who don't give a heck to weird and weakening and frequently contrary impulses coming out of the Western side, and who own the optimal amount of aggressiveness to survive and develop further. That's called the evolution. The point of mine is that the Western world used to undermine itself from inside and through uncontrollable migration (which is caused by those who are elected by us due to wars being induced to get entrance to new resource fields. As you see it is a fucked-up closed circle). Actually Deophobic Necrosis hints at the conflict between Christians and Muslims thoughout the 16-track outing. Yeah, Deophobic Necrosis provides a vital and uncompromising whiff of energy which is needed to get out of a pink dream. You can also listen to it as an alleviating remedy to the closed circle hinted above.
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