Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Sand – Deck Honey (2005)

  • Plunderphonics 
  • Alternative dance 
  • Sound collage 
  • Mashup 
  • Sampledelic 
  • Electronic music

Comment: it is a real pleasure to be back by one of the reincarnations of Chenard Walcker who is here to exploit the voice of Helen Merrill and her album A Shade Of Difference (1968) and mingle it with rough yet funky electronic beats, propulsive brass sections, and Motown-led male voices. In truth, a theme called My Funny Valentine has been one of the most well-known themes worldwide for years being created by Richard Rodgers, and Lorenz Hart in 1937. Yeah, I am sure you will get your rocks off on that handful of tracks. Of course, similarly to a very huge part of his other issues the release is a part of his own imprint Free Sample Zone (some albums or tracks are related to such imprints as WM Recordings, Comfort Stand Recordings, and Laboratoire Moderne). In a word, look for a Valentine. For example, yesterday I looked at My Bloody Valentine.
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