Monday, February 12, 2018

Gomme – Hiss (2017)

  • Punk rock 
  • Indie rock 
  • Riot grrrl 
  • Angst rock
  • Alternative rock 
  • Post-punk

Comment: Gomme comes out of France by playing rough punk rock/post-punk/alternative rock. It can be considered riot grrrl because the combo embraces three women (Betsy, Lauren, and Hannah). Hopefully I can describe them as women. Maybe I am a chauvinist schwein because of employing this word. However, I really hope I am not. I like many moments within this 10-track outing. There is a German sung composition Gott ist Tot. It is obviously a reference to Friedrich Nietzsche although I am quite sure today Nietzsche would have said today Gott ist nicht tot because the recent society and weltanschauung is not a place to foster genuine heroes. The recent human being is way too weak and fragile and enslaved by machines he/she has him/herself created. Because of being so weak and fragile and practising a parasitic lifestyle he/she cannot consider him/herself a God. It comes the time when we need the genuine God more than we have ever needed. Secondly there is a powerful cover song of Kate Bush`s Wuthering Heights. I like the trio`s straightforward gear mostly played on a guitar, a bass, and the drums (at times the instruments are accompanied by synthesised sounds either). At times the tuning of the guitars is turned down and thereby emitting sounds out there of coming very close to doom rock riffs. At times the guitars are changed into cellophane tuning and millennium-ending anxiety thereby getting an alternative rock combo a la Sonic Youth. I can say Gomme rock very well though the favourite female rock combo of mine is still Electrelane. The issue is a part of the discographies of such labels as Moncul, and Black Totem Records.
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