Sunday, October 29, 2017

Trillion Catz – Vulgar (2017)

  • Krautrock 
  • Electronic music 
  • Avant-rock 
  • Experimental rock 
  • Art rock 
  • Motorik 
  • Ambient rock 
  • Drone pop 
  • Alternative

Comment: it is not a wordy and magniloquent issue enough because of being inspired by krautrock, by Neu!, an early Kraftwerk and Faust, the combos who liked move on across a minimal, the so-called motorik pattern. Yet the recent motorik pace based on 14 tracks is a bit different and refreshing. Trillion Catz comes out from Berlin, Germany, a fruitful soil to develop new genres. On the other side, which role is to bear by the musician? To provide the matter, the sound for allowing the listeners to escape from the burden of exhausting sensations, to reach aletheia, to ascend his/her nature into a godlike person. To partake in a systematic, coherent universe. In reality, it does mean to crawl against the mainstream, against the hyper-sexualized and monetary world and the excessive flow of information or to get in touch with them as less as needed. A person's goal should be intended to be less vulgar and mediocre and brainwashed. Is Vulgar a good medium to withdraw him/her from it? The answer of mine is pure yes because it is clearly balanced between those slightly haphazard electronic impulses yet in turn synthesising something new for our aural world. Those miniaturised sounds and effects do set up something unusual and exciting. If to compare it to the aforementioned krautrock juggernauts it may be more (self)-aware of how to elegantly disturb a historical krautrock bound yet at the same time preserving the tight connection with it. That's logical because the first ones had created it while Trillion Catz is deconstructing it. This outstanding (one of the best in 2017) release which adds to krautrock as a style an additional value and meaning is a part of the Japanese imprint Bump Foot.
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