Monday, October 23, 2017

Bongley Dead – 4 (2015)

  • Alternative rock 
  • Indie rock 
  • Post-grunge 
  • Hardcore

Comment: recently Italian quartet Bongley Dead released a brand new one, Undici, on their own terms being uploaded and letting available for free download at Soundcloud, and Mediafire. Before that they had issued 4, the predecessor of Demo n.3 (2014). In comparison to its predecessor 4 abandons trudging across a path being based on heavy and moshy alternative rock guitars (though Demo n.3 includes exceptions either – even hints at dance punk/rock were represented over there). The guitars are more extended and outstretched, light-hearted and jangling in their timbre and style of play. Yet one should not forget and misunderstand it is not an example of jangle pop because the combo is being influenced and rooted by hardcore and (post-)grunge music. For instance, Blueworms is a pure example of post-grunge style with a commercially accessible tone. Nice pop song indeed. Similarly to the previous outing a Sonic Youth influence (especially at Silent Queen) is also present over there yet it is more buried as it was presented in some songs at Demo n.3. A poppy Sonic Youth version. At She Comes Too Late the ending part is accentuated with epic shoegaze tinged noises. It can be admitted their style seems to be more uniform and unvarying with regard to the previous one. By the way, they are being very kind by adding 41 cover prints (sic!) within the folder. I did have to choose only one from this bunch. Because of having listened to the great album a next step of mine is to listen to Undici.
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