Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Cutside – Invisible Lines (2015)

  • Trip-hop 
  • Alternative 
  • Breaks 
  • Electronic music 
  • Sampledelic 
  • Smooth jazz 
  • Mood music 
  • Big beat

Comment: Dusted Wax Kingdom is a tough record label from Bulgaria with a number of releases reaching over 300 so far. One of those issues within it is Russian Cutside's Invisible Lines which is a sensual blend of sultry rhythms, smooth jazz-based samples, and airy and fickle layers atop involving a shitload of interesting minutiae within it. On the other side, those sultry rhythmic patterns are represented with different and changeable intensity therefore together making up something dynamically magic and suggestive. You can perceive those slipping patterns or some offbeat vibes showing up a charming appeal now and then. Stylistically it is a drift between trip-hop, and big beat. Truly fascinating by any means.
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