Sunday, August 14, 2016

T1nn1tuzzzz – Metalli(ɔ)a (2016)

  • Noise 
  • Harsh noise 
  • Brutal metal 
  • Avant-garde 
  • Non-music 
  • Avant-metal 
  • Black noise 
  • Leftfield 
  • Trash noise

Comment: firstly, after the first chords of listening to this one-track issue (clocking in at an almost 10 minute) I realized it would be better to turn the volume down for the sake of my ears (indeed, the trajectory of the oscillator in my music player is as active as an indicator in the block of nuclear wastes). Additionally, I don not recommend for bourgeois people to listen to it because it brings out a mental illness in you. You`re admonished! The project comes out from Brazil demonstrating itself as an indicator for the country. More profoundly, the annihilation of forests (greetings to Western companies over there), environmental problems (pollution), the Zika virus, outstanding crime activity, an economic recession, the corruption scandal of their president. On the other side, Brazil is being and has been one of the most outstanding music scenes worldwide, including in the underground scene by now. Although the art is much higher than the mundane live, the point of mine is that good music needs controversies and a filthy environment and polluted soil to bring forth sharpness to express an artist’s mind with great(er) fervour and ardour. There is up one of such sort. As you have already pinpointed the ending embarks on with a torrent of vibrant harsh noises though almost implicitly revealing what will be happening in the final part. More concretely, it progresses slowly into the hammering, blackened metal and noise-tinged span where Metallica could sound as an easy listening act. The US-based heavy metal/trash metal juggernaut was mentioned by me because the title is called a somehow reversed Metallica`s title form, Metalli(ɔ)a. In fact, in the final part the music of the legends is represented briefly coming out of overwhelming trash noise to move atop. Otherwise it has much more in common with Japanese harsh noise and metal combos, with the likes of Boris, Gerogerigegege, Fushitsusha, Boredoms. Get this metal/noise gem for you being issued under the newborn Malware Records (it is a great imprint in addition to many Brazil-based ones). In fact, it says more than a thousands of words in total. At least during this brief span of time.
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